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Being productive feels so great, ticking things off your 'to do' list is a great achievement and helps make you feel motivated to work hard.

Often, we can become complacent, so when we get into the flow of being super productive putting routines and processes in place can make it easier to maintain long term.

Whether you own your own business, are looking at starting one, working in an office environment or working from home, I have 10 tips to be productive for you.

I have worked from home for the past 5 years so I have learnt that having a routine is super important.


1. The most useful piece of advice I can give you straight up is to write a 'to do' list.

Get yourself a large A3 diary and each day write what you need to do, as you complete each task, tick it off.

If you do not complete a task on that day, move it to the next day's 'to do' list.

You can also rank your tasks in level of importance if that helps.

The most useful piece of advice I can give you straight up is to write a 'to do' list.

2. Set yourself weekly goals, much like writing a daily 'to do list' set a weekly plan that you want to achieve and try to stick to it, of course not everything always goes to plan but a least you can come back to it as a guide.

3. Another tip is to get up early, I personally go to bed early and wake up before sunrise. I'm not saying you have to get up that early, but let's be honest, sleeping in to 10am isn't going to help with your productivity.

Choose a time to go to bed and wake up that suits you, but getting adequate sleep is super important for productivity.

Set yourself weekly goals

4. When I first wake up, I like the spend some time in bed checking my social media and watching a few positive and motivational videos on YouTube, which brings me to another tip, please only follow social media accounts that inspire you and do not give you a negative mindset or make you feel like you have to compare yourself, your life or success to them.

Social media is not always the reality of someone's life, people often show only their top moments, not their day to day life. So comparing yourself to them is literally the worst thing you can do for productivity.

5. Passion, being passionate about what you do is super important, feeling like you have achieved something while still expressing yourself feels so good and makes you what to achieve goals and work hard.

If you don't feel appreciated, respected or even mentally stimulated at your workplace then it may be time to rethink your career options as negative energy kills productivity. This could even be going back to study or change career into a different industry. Book a private career reading with me.

6. When writing emails to your team members or clients being really clear as to what you are saying is super important.

Explaining in more detail means that you will have to spend less time replying to emails to try and get your information across. Each person can interpret emails differently, it can be hard to understand things like tone and meaning, each person can interpret emails differently so being super clear is saves so much time.

7. Use things like Pinterest boards to keep track of projects you are working on, or projects you want to plan.

8. If you sit at a desk all day taking adequate breaks to move around, eat, drink and stretch is important. Taking a break to rest your eyes from the computer screen is beneficial too.

Taking a break to walk around the block at lunch time is a great one as it get the blood pumping can help with creative flow. Using a stand-up desk can help with circulation and long term health.

Nourishing your body by eating healthy food and drinking water during the day is also important for brain power and maintaining a flow for the day.

9. Keeping your physical desk and technology folders clean and organised help with productivity.

Regularly organising your computer files, deleting any files you are no longer using, cleaning out your email inbox keeps your space clear therefore decluttering your mind too.

If you own your own business doing tax preparation each month saves so much time in the future.

10. This one is really necessary to motivate yourself I think - patting yourself on the back for hitting goals and achievements as little as they are is so important to move forward and grow within your business and career in a positive way.

Too many times we over think about what we could have done better in particular situations instead of how well we actually do day to day.

One Friday a month I like to have a few drinks and celebrate my achievements throughout the month.

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